Friday Feature: Everything Must Fall on Docuseek

Friday Feature: Everything Must Fall on Docuseek /

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In light of our discussions around creating an antiracist and inclusive community and learning environment at CC, South African documentary Everything Must Fall is a must watch. The story describes the combined protest movements of students and workers at Wits University against the annual increase of fees and the outsourcing of labour. The protests were led by two Student Representative Council Presidents, who called for a decolonised reformation of the higher education in South Africa that disproportionately favoured white, middle to upper class, male academics. The documentary sheds light on some of the difficulties of intersectionality in South Africa when the two female presidents find the movement overpowered by a dominantly patriarchal and homophobic sentiment. As the protests spread throughout universities across South Africa, the focus of the movement shifts away from the educational institutions towards the government and society as a whole; #FeesMustFall becomes #ANCMustFall (the political party in power). After two years of protests and university lockdowns the situation escalates when the militarised police are deployed to disperse and discourage the crowds, using tear gas and rubber bullets. Police brutality led to the hospitalisation and arrests of students, while classes and exams continued. Everything Must Fall is a powerful documentary that highlights the distance that South Africa has to go to make a decolonised higher education that is accessible for all.
(Alex Jennings)

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