edxi betts Featured on Indigenous Action

edxi betts Featured on Indigenous Action /

Feminist & Gender Studies is proud to announce edxi betts, our 2020-2021 artist-in-residence, was recently featured on an episode of the Indigenous Action podcast entitled "Stolen Kinship: Confronting Anti-Blackness in Indigenous Communities."

During "Stolen Kinship," hosted by Bonn Baudelaire, edxi joined their fellow queer Afro-Indigenous organizers, Mahlikah Awe:ri and Shanese Steele, in order to discuss ways to confront anti-Blackness in Indigenous communities.

Since 2001, Indigenous Action has worked "to provide strategic communications and direct action support for Indigenous community's sacred lands defense" by orgqanizing "hundreds of actions, marches, banner drops, workshops, conferences, benefits, and much more."

edxi, we are so proud to know you!

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