Dr. Heidi R. Lewis Joins the Journal of Hip Hop Studies

Dr. Heidi R. Lewis Joins the Journal of Hip Hop Studies

Feminist & Gender Studies is proud to announce Dr. Heidi R. Lewis recently joined the Reviewer Board for The Journal of Hip Hop Studies (JHHS).

Published by Virginia Commonwealth University Scholars Compass, JHHS is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal that "publishes critically engaged, culturally relevant, rigorously researched, and astute analyses of Hip Hop."

Prior to joining the JHHS Review Board, Dr. Lewis has published several texts in Hip Hop Studies, including "Black Mothers Raise their Daughters and Love their Sons: An Examination of Love & Hip Hop's Mama's Boys" (forthcoming), "Let Me Just Taste You: Lil Wayne and Rap's Politics of Cunnilingus" (The Journal of Popular Culture, 2016), and "An Examination of the Kanye West Higher Education Trilogy" (The Cultural Impact of Kanye West, 2014).

She is currently drafting a manuscript that examines contemporary Hip Hop assisted by #TheLewisHipHopSquad, a newly developed student research team that includes Avia Hailey ('22), Dolma Rabgay ('22), Ella Sanders ('24), Jackson Silverstein ('21), Julissa Torres ('24), Mauricio Erazo ('24), Anabella Owens ('22), and Chidera Ikpeamarom ('22).

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