CC to Bring More Students to Campus Spring Semester

Colorado College is making plans to responsibly bring as many students as possible to live on or near campus for the Spring Semester, thus allowing students to experience a full, distinctive CC liberal arts education. The college has been modeling density, capacity, testing capabilities, and processes to develop a plan that allows CC to house more students on campus.

Approximately 700 students currently are on campus and taking in-person, hybrid, flex, and remote classes. CC's leadership team, Scientific Advisory Group, and COVID response teams, working with public health partners and national medical experts, have determined that through the college's efforts at "de-densifying" the campus, the college can allow an additional 500 students to return to campus for the Spring Semester.

The college is serving most of its students locally, with access to college services and facilities. The majority of CC students are living on campus, with a few hundred living off-campus in the Colorado Springs area, and some living elsewhere taking classes remotely. To "de-densify" the residence halls, the college is carefully spacing rooms to maintain low density. Additionally, the college continues to advance its rigorous and successful testing upon arrival, randomized testing, and response protocols, creating pods/cohorts, and adding wastewater testing and other measures to quickly identify, pinpoint, and isolate cases of the virus.

Starting in January:

  • All students currently living on campus may remain on campus.
  • In addition, the following groups of students may live on campus:
  • Seniors who have housing assignments
  • First-year students who were sent home at the end of Block 1
  • First-year and new transfer students who chose to take classes remotely this fall
  • New winter-start students
  • New transfer students
  • New Fall Semester-away students
  • Any remaining NCAA student-athletes not already on or near campus
  • International students (starting with Block 5)

The college's intent is to allow seniors to finish their last year at CC, and allow new students and international students to become better established in their first year. Students in the above groups, as well as those living off campus who need to access campus facilities, will be part of arrival and randomized testing pools.

Students already on campus include:

  • Students enrolled in an in-person class, a hybrid class that fulfills the lab general education requirement, or Senior Studio Seminar
  • Students experiencing hardship
  • International students already on campus
  • Bridge Scholars
  • Some NCAA student-athletes

In June Colorado College planned to bring students to campus in phases, with the intention of having all students on campus by Block 2. However, after a few cases of COVID-19 led to the quarantine of entire residence halls, CC followed scientific and medical advice to "de-densify" campus, sending some students home.

This fall, even though campus looks different, with some classes in tents, students meeting masked and distantly in small groups, and without the usual large groups of students moving to classes or meals, CC is still busy and engaged. Students and faculty are deeply rooted in their classes, whether in person or delivered remotely. Student organizations and activities continue, via virtual meetings, spaced safely on the quad, or by appointment at the fitness center. The campus community continues to surprise and amaze, with creative and safe approaches to activities and civic engagement. 



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