Spencer Spotts Enrolls in UC Denver's Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program

Spencer Spotts ('17) They/Them He/Him

Feminist and Gender Studies at Colorado College is proud to announce Spencer Spotts'  admission into University of Colorado Denver's MA program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Spencer graduated from Colorado College in 2017 and majored in Feminist and Gender Studies. Spencer is looking forward to starting UC Denver's program in Spring of 2022.

UC Denver's Program "prepares those interested in providing mental health counseling to a wide range of diverse clients in settings such as mental health centers, private practices, substance abuse centers, hospitals, correctional facilities, and hospice services." They offer a rigorous 63-credit program that typically takes between three to four years to complete.

We are confident in Spencer's ability to succeed and navigate such a rigorous program successfully. Spencer, we are proud to know you, and honored to have had a chance to contribute to your professional development!

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