Friday Feature: African American Newspapers

This week, I want to recommend a database resource called African American Newspapers. It was really fascinating to see how different newspapers were written in times past. Frederick Douglass, in The North Star, wrote an article called, “The Insurrection and Its Hero”. It was written beautifully in speech that was both formal and concise. One example is about halfway down the first column, where he used the word “body” in a way that I found very pleasing. To navigate the website, just enter a key word that you’re interested in. If you’re into historical texts that briefly take you into a world that is both foreign and familiar, I would highly recommend giving these texts a read!
(Dalles Tranquille)
Access information: For those with a CC single-sign-on, the best way to access this article is to click on 'Databases A-Z' just below our main search box on the library home page ( It will open to the 'A's, so scroll down to African American Newspapers and click on it. You may need to log on at that point unless you're already logged in to the system. Within the database you can browse at will or if you want to find this particular article, search for frederick douglass north star insurrection and it should be in your first few results.
For free-to-all access to this one article, and the ability to browse the North Star in general (but with fewer search capabilities than the African American Newspapers database), you can check out the Library of Congress' digitized newspapers! The Insurrection and Its Hero is on page four here.
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