CC Pilots Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Indexing Tool

Colorado College is in the very first cohort of institutions piloting a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice indexing tool from EAB, a consulting firm specializing in education institutions. Once out of pilot testing, this tool may be useful in helping the college track its progress toward antiracism goals. When data is disaggregated by division/unit, it will provide an understanding of the extent to which college leaders share perceptions of progress toward goals and of the importance of particular goals to becoming an antiracist institution. 

“Progress requires constant monitoring. This tool will aide us in establishing antiracism priorities on a continual basis,” says Manya Whitaker, acting executive vice president and chief of staff. “This pilot helps me in multiple ways: to identify divisions/units of campus that do and do not have an accurate understanding of our antiracism progress thus far; second, to communicate to the Antiracism Commitment Committee where we have made progress, perhaps in areas beyond their awareness; third, in conjunction with Project 2024 and Conversations with the President outcomes, I can aide President Richardson in identifying shared antiracism priorities across campus.”  

Report an issue - Last updated: 04/20/2022