FAC Earns Henry Awards

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College won five of the Colorado Theatre Guild's 2021-22 Henry Awards. 

The awards, named after legendary producer Henry Lowenstein, honor outstanding achievement among the Colorado Theatre Guild’s member companies.

The FAC took home five awards from Monday's ceremony, held at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities:

Outstanding Play, "Guadalupe in the Guest Room"
Direction of a Play, James Bruenger-Arreguin, "Guadalupe in the Guest Room"
Actress in a Play, Elise Santora, "Guadalupe in the Guest Room"
Supporting Actress in a Play, Rebecca Myers, "By the Way, Meet Vera Stark"
Ensemble Performance, "Guadalupe in the Guest Room"
Additionally, CC grad Erin Rollman '98 won Supporting Actress in a Play for her role in "<3 Richard" with Buntport Theater, in the Tier 2 award category for smaller budget theatre companies.

The Colorado Springs Gazette featured the FAC's awards in a recent article
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