Colorado College Students Blog about Participation at COP 27

Eleven Colorado College students are in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, attending the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27), along with Sarah Hautzinger, professor and associate chair of the Anthropology Department, and Myra Jackson, a mindfulness resident in the Creativity and Innovation program. The students, who are enrolled in Block 3 AN380 Community-Based Field Course: COP27 in Egypt as Ethnographers, are sharing their experiences through this blog.

In one blog post, Mika Alexander ’23 wrote that she, along with Mary Andrews ’23, Cecilia Timberg ’24, and Gracie Roe ’25, spoke at a storytelling press conference based on the Talanoa Dialogue.

The post also mentioned that Olivia Jacobson ’22 and Andrews ’23 spoke at a press conference about the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education, and Owen Brown ’24, Reeve Schroeder ’24, and Roe ’25 spoke at a press conference about the Climate Leaders Academy.

Le Temps, a Swiss newspaper, featured Alexander in an interview about youth involvement at COP27, one blog post highlighted.

“With the people I have met at the periphery of the COP, I have smiled, danced, and laughed despite it all. It is in those moments that I have found my reason for dedicating my life to climate advocacy. It is the people; their stories, landscapes, memories, and futures that are worth protecting,” Timberg wrote in a post about maintaining risk mitigation while still making connections with people outside of the COP 27 venue.

“In collaboration with other students in Youth Environmental Alliance for Higher Education, each member of the class is presenting on one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals,” one blog post mentioned. Each group will have an hour at the exhibit booth to present the research they’ve done on the importance of their goal.

Check out the blog here.

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