Castle and Canyon – Our First Excursion in Spain

Student Perspective: Writings from Spain 

Student Zeke Lloyd ’24 is studying in Spain during Summer 2022 as part of CC’s Summer in Spain program, based in Soria. Students live with host families and participate in city life during two summer blocks. In addition to immersive language learning, the program incorporates multiple cultural activities and excursions to places such as Madrid and San Sebastian, to learn about the history and cultures of Spain. Zeke is sharing stories and images of his summer experience throughout the course.

The province of Soria is a deserted battleground. A thousand years ago, the landscape was rarely free from skirmishes between two states: the Caliphate and the Christians. Today, the area is almost entirely populated by quiet farmlands which show little trace of its medieval history. In a few places throughout the province, however, you can find stone strongholds which stand as testaments to the conflict that took place.  

Castillo de Gormaz lies roughly 30 miles from Soria. We arrived late in the morning on June 5. The castle still held much of its structure, even though the northern outpost was built by the Caliphate in 965. For over an hour we explored ruins, climbed ramparts, and gazed out at the expanse of beautiful Spanish countryside.  

It was difficult for that to measure up against natural beauty of the Cañón del Rio Lobos. The only edifice within is a small hermitage that sits modestly in the middle of the forested valley. After eating lunch under a shady tree, we began our exploration of the canyon, where we followed a small stream that cut through the valley.

Photos submitted by Zeke Lloyd ’24


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