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Happy Holidays from Colorado College!

We send you holiday greetings from Colorado College — and offer you many good wishes for 2018.

Featured in this video:

  • Colorado College alumnus Ted Smith ’95 taught students how to paraglide this year through CC's Outdoor Education Program. Smith is shown here landing off of Section 16.
  • Eva Bombeck ’19 climbs the Second Flatiron in Boulder, CO. Bombeck works at CC's Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym and leads trips for the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC).
  • Thomas Striegl ’20 and Ben Shumlin ’21 ride dirt jumps at Ute Valley Park.
  • Students look for prairie dogs during a class excursion led by Associate Professor and Director of Environmental Programs Miro Kummel.
  • Mason Bergh ’21 scores a goal during a CC vs. DU hockey game.
  • An impromptu dance party begins in Bemis Hall at the end of a Diwali celebration hosted by Students for the Awareness of South Asia (SASA).
  • Abigail Washburn ’99 encourages students to break the fourth wall during a bluegrass Master Class she taught with partner Béla Fleck in Packard Hall.
  • Tom Cronin, former McHugh Professor of American Institutions and Leadership at Colorado College, gives his last lecture in the event space of the newly renovated Tutt Library.
  • Winter Start students bond at a bonfire during their New Student Orientation (NSO) trip to Baca.
  • Associate Dean of Academic Programs & Strategic Initiatives and Associate Professor of Psychology Emily Chan makes dumplings in her home for students on campus during Fall Break.
  • CC students teach environmental science to elementary school students as part of their TREE (Teaching and Research in Environmental Education) Semester program, a 16-week, residential program in which CC students live and learn in community at Catamount Center, outside Woodland Park.
  • CC's newly renovated Tutt Library, the first library built for the Block Plan, is also the largest carbon-neutral, net-zero energy academic library in the country.
  • The music was composed by Wes Braver ’14 and is based on the Colorado College Alma Mater "O Colorado College Fair," written in 1953 by Charles Hawley ’54 and Professors Earl Juhas and Albert Seay.
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