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Helen Daly

Associate Professor

Helen is a metaphysician and philosopher of language. She is currently working on three research projects. First, she is completing work on her pragmatic theory of vagueness. She argues that vagueness unavoidably involves boundarylessness, but that revocable boundaries can be drawn in any given conversational context, thus giving us a simple way to dodge the sorites paradox in practice. Second, she is working on a flexible conceptual model of sex/gender intended to replace the simple models that currently dominate public and academic discourse. Briefly, she argues that because words like ‘male’ and ‘female’ are highly indeterminate and purpose-dependent, no single (or simple) conceptual analysis can get them right. Most recently, Helen has begun work on a systematic account of insults. If you know of any especially clever ones, she would be delighted to hear them.

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"Love and Death" (forthcoming in 2017) in Heaven & Philosophy. Edited by Simon Cushing. Lexington Books.

"Modeling Sex/Gender" (forthcoming in 2017) Think: Philosophy for Everyone.

“Sex, Vagueness, and the Olympics” (2015) Hypatia 30 (4):708-724.

“Mental Causation” (2009) with Cei Maslen and Terry Horgan. In The Oxford Handbook of Causation. Edited by H. Beebee, C. Hitchcock, and P. Menzies. Oxford.

“Jaegwon Kim” (2009) with Terry Horgan. In A Companion to Metaphysics, 2nd ed. Edited by J. Kim, E. Sosa and G. Rosenkrantz. Blackwell.

Regular Classes

PH 101 Greek Philosophy

PH 226 Formal Logic

PH 229 Philosophy of Language

PH 301 20th Century Analytic Philosophy

PH 321 Metaphysics


    B.A., University of Akron, 2002

    Ph.D., University of Arizona, 2011

Committees & Governance

Serving a one-year term on the Faculty Executive Committee, Governance subcommittee, during 2016-17

2015-16, Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid
2013-14, Curriculum Committee
2012-13, Budget Committee