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Marc Snyder

Marc Snyder


Research Interests

Evolutionary Ecology
Animal-Plant Interactions
Population Ecology
Chemical Ecology

Selected Publications

Snyder, M. A. 1992. Selective herbivory by Abert's squirrel mediated by chemical variability in ponderosa pine. Ecology 73:1730-1741.

Snyder, M. A. 1993. Interactions between Abert’s squirrel and ponderosa pine: the relationship between selective herbivory and host plant fitness. American Naturalist 141:866-879.

Snyder, M. A., and Y. B. Linhart. 1993. Barking up the right tree. Natural History 102:44-49.

Linhart, Y. B., Snyder, M. A., and J. P. Gibson. 1994. Differential host utilization by two parasites in a population of ponderosa pine. Oecologia 98:117-120.

Snyder, M. A., and Y. B. Linhart. 1994. Nest-site selection by Abert’s squirrel: chemical characteristics of nest trees. Journal of Mammalogy 75:136-141.

Snyder, M. A., Fineschi, B., Linhart, Y. B., and R. H. Smith. 1996. Multivariate host discrimination by dwarf mistletoe Arceuthobium vaginatum subsp. cryptopodum: inter- and intraspecific comparisons. Journal of Chemical Ecology 22:295-305.

Snyder, M. A., and Y. B. Linhart. 1997. Porcupine feeding patterns: selectivity by a generalist herbivore? Canadian Journal of Zoology 75:2107-2111.

Snyder, M. A., and Y. B. Linhart. 1998. Subspecific selectivity by a mammalian herbivore: geographic differentiation of interactions between taxa of Sciurus aberti and Pinus ponderosa. Evolutionary Ecology 12:755-765.

Snyder, M. A. 1998. Abert's squirrels (Sciurus aberti) in ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) forests: directional selection, diversifying selection. In Ecology and Evolutionary Biology of Tree Squirrels. M. A. Steele, J. F. Merritt, and D. A. Zegers, eds. Virginia Museum of Natural History, Special Publication Number 6.

Latta, R. G., Linhart, Y. B., Lundquist, L., and M. A. Snyder. 2000. Patterns of monoterpene variation within individual trees in ponderosa pine. Journal of Chemical Ecology 26:1341-1357.

Jung, P. P., II, Bower, N. W., Snyder, M. A., and D. W. Lehmpuhl. 2001. An application of air-sampling canisters: Selective herbivory associated with monoterpene emission from ponderosa pine. American Laboratory, 33:50-52.

Linhart, Y. B., Mooney, K. A., Snyder, M. A., and N. Swoboda-Colberg. 2001. Phloem chemistry: effects of genotype and environment and implications for nutritional ecology. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 162:1009-1016.

Latta, R. G., Linhart, Y. B., Snyder, M. A., and L. Lundquist. 2003. Patterns of variation and correlation in the monoterpene composition of xylem oleoresin within populations of ponderosa pine. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 31:451-465.

Snyder, M. A. and N. W. Bower. 2005. Resistance to bark beetle attack in Caribbean pine: potential role of 4-allylanisole. Biotropica 37:702-705.

Regular Classes

BY100 - Forest Ecology- Colorado Front Range
BY106 - Biology of Animals
BY208 - Ecology
BY308 - Advanced Ecology
BY309/409 - Research Problems in Biology
BY389 - Patagonia - Ecology and Biogeography
BY390 - Ecology and Biogeography of Patagonia (Taught in Patagonia)
BY369 - Tropical Ecology
BY370 - Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Ecology (Taught in Belize)
BY499 - Senior Thesis


    B.A., Kent State University, 1981

    Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1990