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Roxaneh Khorsand

Roxaneh Khorsand

Research Interests

My research interests address how changes in the abiotic environment affect plant-pollinator interactions and plant reproductive output. I start with basic questions like: (1) What is the life history and phenology of this plant species? and (2) What pollinates this plant species? Once I have answered those basic questions, I can move on to more complex questions like: (1) How does disturbance affect a plant species’ reproductive patterns? and (2) Will the timing of floral visitations synchronize with the timing of plant flowering? My work has taken place in the Brazilian Amazon, south Florida pine rocklands, Alaskan tundra, and Colorado Rockies.


Koptur, S. and Khorsand, R. 2018. Pollination ecology of three sympatric palms of southern Florida pine rocklands. Natural Areas Journal 38: 15-25.

Khorsand Rosa, R., Oberbauer, S.F., Starr, G. Parker LaPuma, I., Pop, E., Ahlquist, L., and Baldwin, T. 2015. Plant phenological responses to a long-term experimental extension of growing season and soil warming in tussock tundra of Alaska. Global Change Biology 21: 4520–4532.

Khorsand Rosa, R., Imbrozio Barbosa, R., and Koptur, S. 2014. Which factors explain reproductive output of Mauritia flexuosa (Arecaceae) in forest and savanna habitats of northern Amazonia? International Journal of Plant Sciences 175(3):307-318.

Khorsand Rosa, R. 2014. A review of the pollination biology of Mauritia flexuosa. Palms 58(2): 77-82.

Khorsand Rosa, R. and Koptur, S. 2013. New findings on the pollination biology of Mauritia flexuosa (Arecaceae) in Roraima, Brazil: linking dioecy, wind, and habitat. American Journal of Botany 100(3): 613-621.

Khorsand Rosa, R., Imbrozio Barbosa, R., and Koptur, S. 2013. How do habitat and climate variation affect phenology of the Amazonian palm, Mauritia flexuosa? Journal of Tropical Ecology 29(3): 255-259.

Khorsand Rosa, R. 2011. Bees collect resin from Mauritia flexuosa in Roraima, Brazil. Palms 55(4): 200-203.

Khorsand Rosa, R. and Koptur, S. 2009. Preliminary observations and analyses of pollination in Coccothrinax argentata: do insects play a role? Palms 3(2): 75-83.

Curriculum vitae 

Activities & Interests

Gardening, dancing, biking, hiking, and telemark skiing

Regular Classes

BE 208 Ecology

BE 308 Advanced Ecology

BE105 Biology of Plants

BE 309/409 Independent Research Blocks


    B.S. Biology, 2003, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

    B.A. Spanish Literature, 2003, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

    Ph.D. Biology, 2013, Florida International University, Miami, FL.