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Shane Heschel

Shane Heschel

Associate Professor, Chair

Research Interests

Physiological ecology of plant populations, particularly in stressful environments; local adaptation and the evolution of physiological mechanisms; factors driving the local extinction of plant populations; conservation genetics.

Personal Interests

Hiking, blues guitar, baseball, and pie.


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Activities & Interests


Drought Response Diversification in African Protea Species

Physiological Response of Tamarix Ramosissima (Tamaricaceae) to a Biological Control Agent

A New Role for Phytochromes in Temperature-Dependent Germination

Mechanisms of Selection for Drought Stress Tolerance & Avoidance in Impatiens Capensis (Balsaminaceae)

Testing for Stress-Dependent Inbreeding Depression in Impatiens Capensis (Balsaminaceae)

Population Differentiation of Impatiens Capensis (Balsaminaceae) at the Range Limit

Disturbance Regime Mediates Riparian Forest Dynamics and Physiological Performance, Arkansas River, CO

Phytochromes Influence Stomatal Conductance Plasticity in Arabidopsis thaliana

Regular Classes

BE105 - Biology of Plants
EV209 - Ecology
BE280 - Population Genetics
BE362 - Desert Plant Ecophysiology
BE365 - Plant Physiology


    1991 BS University of Illinois, Urbana

    1994 MS University of Illinois, Urbana

    2000 PhD Brown University