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Re Evitt

Associate Professor

As the English Department's medievalist, I explore connections between medieval languages, literature, and culture. I'm interested in both English and continental literatures, with an emphasis on narrative poetry and medieval drama. I teach a range of authors including Marie de France, Dante, Chaucer and his contemporaries, Shakespeare. (I enjoy recording for The Chaucer Studio, most recently The Parson's Tale.) A spectrum of period and genre courses allow me to explore medieval drama, romance, fabliaux, dream visions, adversus Judaeos literature, and the history of the English language with students as well.

In my primary area of research, I consider Jewish-Christian relations during the high and late middle ages, in particular Christian dramatic representations of Jewish communities in western medieval Europe as embedded in liturgical practice and drama. My most recent articles discuss Corpus Christi stage representations of Jews and Judaism in the wake of the 1290 expulsion of the Jewish community from England as well as explore connections between liturgy, antijudaism, apocalypticism, and pilgrimage. My current book project, Antijudaism and the Medieval Prophet Plays, provides a rich environment for considering connections between medieval adversus Judaeos exegesis and debate literature, liturgical drama, and Jewish-Christian cultural exchange along pilgrimage routes in Northern Europe and England. Previous research includes discussions of gender, incest, representations of women in medieval literary culture, and apocalypticism in liturgical drama.

Regular Classes

Chaucer: Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseyde
Dante, Commedia
Marie de France
Bodies and Gender in Medieval Literature
History of the English Language
Medieval Dream Visions
Medieval Fabliaux
Medieval and Renaissance Drama
Introduction to Poetry
Junior Seminar
Senior Seminar


    Ph.D., English, University of Virginia,1992
    M.A., English, Stanford University 1982
    B.A. English, Stanford University, 1981