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Tina Valtierra

Tina Valtierra

Assistant Professor, Associate Chair

Higher Education Teaching & Curriculum Design

Assistant Professor, Education Department, Colorado College (2015-present)

Affiliate Faculty, University of Colorado, Denver in partnership with Teacher Institute at La Academia, Colorado Alternative Teacher Licensure Program

Instructor of Record and Course Designer, Adams State University, Alamosa in partnership with teacher Institute at La Academia

Program Designer, Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont

Seminar Instructor, Teacher Institute at La Academia, Denver, Colorado

Affiliate Faculty, Adams State University, Rural Education Access Program, Teacher Licensure Program

Affiliate Faculty, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona Department of Teacher Education, Online Graduate Studies

Instructor of Record, Chapman University, Orange, California

Literacy Coach, Denver Public Schools

Classroom & Intervention Teacher, Aurora Public Schools

Reading Clinician, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

Activities & Interests

Research Interests

Teacher Reflection, Teacher Dispositions, Teacher Thrival, Teacher Identity, Inclusive Pedagogies, Culturally Responsive & Sustaining Pedagogies, Urban Education, Critical Pedagogy, Community Based Participatory Action Research, Qualitative Research Methods, Curriculum Theories 



Schooling Multicultural Teachers

Whitaker, M. & Valtierra, K.M. (2019). Schooling Multicultural Teachers: A Guide for Program Assessment and Professional Development. United Kingdom: Emerald Points.

Teach Thrive cover

Valtierra, K.M. (2016). Teach & Thrive:  Wisdom from an Urban Teacher’s Career Narrative in Book Series Issues in the Research, Theory, Policy, and Practice of Urban Education. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Book Review on Taylor & Francis

Articles & Book Chapters

Valtierra, K. M. & Siegel, L. (2020). Qualitative self-coding as reflection: Empowering teacher candidates with the tools of the researcher. Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 21(3) 415-428

Valtierra, K. M. & Siegel, L. (2019). Dispositions for inclusive literacy: Fostering an equitable and empowering education for academically diverse learners. Journal of Curriculum and Teaching, 8(3) 111-121. 

Whitaker, M.C., & Valtierra, K. M. (2018). Enhancing preservice teachers motivation to teach diverse learners. Teaching and Teacher Education, 73, 171-182. 

Whitaker, M.C., & Valtierra, K. M. (2018). The development of the dispositions for culturally responsive pedagogy scale. Journal for Multicultural Education, 12(1), 10-24. 

Siegel, L. & Valtierra, K. M. (2018). Self-coding: A tool for crossing the border from reflective educator to early researcher in Garbett, D. & A. Owens (Eds.). Pushing Boundaries and Crossing Borders: Self-study as a Means for Knowing Pedagogy (149-156). Herstmonceaux, UK: S-STEP. 

Valtierra, K. M. & Michalec, P. (2017). Deep curriculum: Guiding the inner lives of early career teachers. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 19 (1-2), 19-33. 

Siegel, L & Valtierra, K. M. (2017). Expanding dispositions for literacy: General educators as literacy gatekeepers. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, 90(3), 93-97. 

Valtierra, K. (2016). Beyond Survival to Thrival: Connecting Urban Teacher Narrative to the Moral Imperative.  Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 18 (1-2). 55-69.

Winner of the 2017 American Association for Teaching & Curriculum Hunkins Distinguished Article Award

Valtierra, K & Michalec, P. (2017). Deep Curriculum: Guiding the Inner Lives of Early Career Teachers. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 19 (1-2), 19-33.

Whitaker, M. & Valtierra, K. (in press). The Development and Validation of the Dispositions for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Scale (DCRPS). The Journal of Multicultural Education.

Siegel, L & Valtierra, K. (2017). Expanding Dispositions for Literacy: General Educators as Literacy Gatekeepers. The Clearing House: A journal of educational strategies, issues and ideas. 

Valtierra, K. M. (2016). Beyond survival to thrival: Connecting urban teacher narrative to the moral imperative. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 18 (1-2), 55-69. 

Articles & Book Chapters (under review/in progress/under contract)

Valtierra, K. M. & Whitaker, M. (2020). Beliefs or classroom context: What matters most to novice urban teachers’ enactment of culturally responsive pedagogy? 

Valtierra, K. M. (summer, 2020). Preparing teacher candidates for thrival: Implications from a 4-year longitudinal study. 

Siegel, L. & Valiterra, K.M. (fall, 2020). Preservice special education teachers in alternative education settings: A grounded theory approach to understanding their experiences. 

Valtierra, K. M. (spring, 2021).Vanguards of vulnerability: Lessons learned from teacher thrival inquiry circles in an urban high school. 

Regular Classes

CC106: Critical Inquiry Seminar: Teaching Across Communities

ED131: Youth Organizing and Social Change

ED235: From Multicultural Education to Critical Pedagogy: Civil Rights in US Public Education

ED477: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Disciplinary Literacy Method

ED478/578: Advanced Methods: Inclusive Pedagogies in Literacy, Curriculum & Instruction

ED554: Master's Research


    Ph.D., University of Denver, Curriculum Studies & Teaching; Urban Education Leadership

    M.A., University of Northern Colorado, Elementary Reading

    B.A. (honors), Metropolitan State College of Denver, Sociology

    Licenses / Certifications

    K-12 Colorado Principal License, University of Denver

    K-6 Colorado Reading Teacher Endorsement, University of Northern Colorado

    K-6 Colorado Teaching Certification, Metropolitan State University of Denver

    Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

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Committees & Governance

Associate Chair, Colorado College Education Department

Diversity and Equity Advisory Board (DEAB), Colorado College


Hunkins Distinguished Article Award in Curriculum, American Association for Teaching & Curriculum (AATC) for Valtierra, K.M. & Michalec, P. (2017). Deep Curriculum: Guiding the Inner Lives of Early Career Teachers. 2018

Hunkins Distinguished Article Award in Teaching, American Association for Teaching & Curriculum (AATC) for Valtierra, K.M. (2016). Beyond Survival to Thrival: Connecting Urban Teacher Narrative to the Moral Imperative. 2017

Aurora Public Schools, Aurora, Colorado Unique Teacher: Excellence in Teaching 2001