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Mike Taber

Mike Taber

Professor, Chair

I have been a science educator for over twenty years. I began my career as a high school physics and biology teacher in El Paso, Texas, shortly after completing my Master of Arts in Teaching from Colorado College.  I continued my teaching at the sixth grade middle-school level until 1994, when I began my doctoral work at Iowa State University.

At Iowa State, I focused on boundary layer meteorology, earning a Ph.D. in Water Resources in 1999.  I did post-doctoral work under Danny Edelson at Northwestern University before accepting an appointment at the University of Northern Colorado as an Earth Science Educator.  In 2006, I joined my alma mater, Colorado College, as a professor of education.  My professional goal is to contribute to the understanding of how the use of scientific data can promote the learning of inquiry, particularly for pre-service teachers. 

Regular Classes

ED211: Framework for American Education
ED260: Educational Research Methods
ED380: Curriculum and Engaging Pedagogies
ED477: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Disciplinary Literacy Methods
ED490: Advanced Research
EV128: Introduction to Global Climate Change 
EV422: Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology


    Ph.D., Iowa State University, Water Resources
    M.A.T., Colorado College, Secondary Science Teaching
    B.A., Colorado College, Geology

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