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Marcia Dobson

Marcia Dobson


Curriculum Vitae

Marcia (Dunbar-Soule) Dobson has taught at Colorado College in the Classics Department for 36 years.  She received her BA at Bennington College in Literature, where she focused for her thesis on a comparison of dramatic time and the “eternal moment” in Dostoevskii’s fiction.  Creative writing, music and dance were also strong interests.  She received an MA in Classics under the Humanities from Tufts University, where she addressed issues of Neoplatonism in Marsilio Ficino and in the poetry of Edmund Spenser.  Her PhD from Harvard University in Classical Philology led her to a dissertation on the nature of oracular language in the dramas in the Delphic oracles and Aeschylean drama.  Professor Dobson received a second PhD in 1998, in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Depth psychology, where her dissertation crossed the lines of the disciplines, focusing on ancient Greek epic and tragedy in relation to modern psychological notions of transitional space and experience.

Fields: Ancient Greek Religion, Drama, and Psychoanalytic Theory

Dobson initiated the psychoanalysis minor at Colorado College, and now teaches classes in contemporary psychoanalysis to CC students both at Colorado College and at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Chicago during the summer.

Dobson’s recent research and publications consider classical texts in their relationship to psychoanalytic thinking and theory.  She is also an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.

Marcia and her spouse, John Riker, who teaches in the Philosophy Department, have four Shetland sheepdogs, and for happy pastimes, hike and play with their pups as well as teaching ballroom dancing at Colorado College.

Regular Classes

Ancient Greek Drama

Ancient Greek Language

Discovering the Unconscious

Greek History and Philosophy

Life of the Soul

Myth and Meaning