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Sally Meyer

Sally Meyer


Research Summary

My main research interests involve theoretical physical chemistry focused on issues of energy and the environment. I teach both chemistry and environmental science and I am always looking for research that is of interest to both sets of majors and uses my expertise in physical chemistry. Presently, my main focus is writing a physical chemistry laboratory manual that is based on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy technologies. Students with interest in energy and the environment majoring in any science department should feel free to contact me to talk about research. Research on energy and the environment touches on mathematics, chemistry, geology, physics, biology, and environmental sciences and I would love to collaborate with any student from one of these disciplines.

Selected Recent Publications and Presentations

(* Denotes Colorado College Chemistry Major, ** Denotes Colorado College Environmental Science Major)

Meyer, S. A. and Morgenstern, M. A.; Chem. Educator, 10, 2005, 1-3: "Small Scale Biodiesel Production: A Laboratory Experience for General Chemistry and Environmental Science Students"

Morgenstern, M. A.; Cline, J.:* Meyer, S. A.; and Cataldo, S.**; Energy and Fuels, 20, 2006, 1350-1353: "Determination of the Kinetics of Biodiesel Production Using Proton Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy".

Cline, J.* and Meyer, S. A., "Step by Step to Gaussian"; National ACS Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 2006.


    Education: B.S., Rockhurst College (1982)

    Ph.D., University of Kansas (1987)