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Sarah Hautzinger

Sarah Hautzinger


Sarah Hautzinger is a ethnographer and political anthropologist broadly concerned with power, difference, and in/equality. Her research emphasizes feminist approaches to gender, along with the institutional processes related to violence at transnational, state, and interpersonal levels. With a long-time interest in African-descended populations in Latin America and the Caribbean and Brazil in particular, she has also developed a number of research projects in the Rocky Mountain West, all in collaboration with students. Born and largely raised in Colorado and passionately committed to community-based work, there is nowhere on earth she would rather teach that at Colorado College.


Major Interests

  • Sociocultural anthropology
  • Gender and feminist anthropology
  • Brazil, the Caribbean and Latin America
  • African Diaspora in the New World
  • Urban anthropology
  • Power, politics and violence
  • Police and military organizations

Websites and Podcasts

  • Deployment Stress
    Research on soldiers returning to Colorado from multiple deployments, PTSD, and additional challenges.
  • SFAA Podcasts: Global Research on Gender-Based Violence: Where Does Anthropology Fit?
  • Baca Campus Research “Sacred Spaces and the Potential Impact of Natural Gas Drilling at the Baca” (with CC “Religion and Ritual” Students)
  • Roundtable podcast
    Podcast review of “Violence in the City of Women” on Roundtable with Kate Britton


Sarah’s book Violence in the City of Women: Police and Batterers in Bahia, Brazil (University of California Press, 2007) portrays an all-women police station created to address violence against women. More recently, she coauthored the book Beyond Post-Traumatic Stress: Homefront Struggles with the Wars on Terror*(with Jean Scandlyn; Left Coast Press, 2014) about soldier and civilian “cross-cultural” relations between Fort Carson and Colorado Springs, focused on efforts to reintegrate soldiers returning from multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan; over twenty CC student researchers collaborated across the course of this project.

*(Order Beyond PTSD online from Left Coast Press using discount code L0314 and receive a 20% discount on all books)

Regular Classes

  • AN237: African Descendants in the Caribbean and Latin America
  • AN238: Genders and Sexualities in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • AN239: Gender Diversity Across Cultures
  • AN315: Senior Capstone
  • AN326: Religion and Ritual - Syllabus - Fieldwork Website
  • AN376: Culture and Power: Political Anthropology
  • AN377: Living in the Material World  Economic Anthropology - Syllabus

Click here for more information about Sarah's Community-Based Teaching and Research Courses.



    • B.A. Reed College, 1986
    • M.A. Johns Hopkins University, 1992
    • Ph. D. Johns Hopkins University, 1998

    See Sarah's CV.