Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Advisors: SMITH, GOULD

Minor Requirements

Revolutions are complex phenomena having social, economic, and cultural, as well as political, dimensions and consequences. This minor focuses on the last two centuries, which have been particularly marked by such challenges to tradition and the dominant institutions of society. In addition to examining particular revolutions from a number of different perspectives, it invites students to explore the theory and practice of revolution in general. 5 units minimum.

Students must take one or two units from each category.

Category One: PH243, PS308, PS310, SO243. One or two units. 

Category Two: HY222, HY225, HY226, HY250, HY262, HY278, HY280, HY362, HY365, HY393; PS312, PS327, PS331. Two or three units.

Students may count other relevant courses in consultation with the advisor.

Students also complete an integrative project or paper either as an independent study course or in one of the courses in the minor.

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