Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.


The minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers an interdisciplinary study of a complex region. Through a broad range of courses, the minor explores diverse cultures, histories, natural environments, and geopolitical formations, while recognizing the crucial significance of Indigenous and Afro-diasporic groups in a region shaped by European colonization and US dominance. Students are encouraged to develop a hemispheric approach to relevant themes such as immigration, displacement, diasporic identities, indigeneity, gender, race, politics, and culture. The minor has a regional focus while drawing from and in conversation with Hispanic and Lusophone Studies, Southwest and Latinx Studies, Indigenous Studies, Anthropology, History, Sociology, Political Science, and others.

Minor Requirements

5 units

 1 unit core course:

  • GS 261: “The Idea of Latin America,” or equivalent panoramic course (for example, CC100: “The idea of Latin America” or transfer course)

4 elective courses: four relevant courses in at least two academic divisions (Humanities, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary, Natural Sciences)

  • 1 unit in the minor may focus on the Latinx/Hispanic experience in the United States
  • Not more than 1 course may come from the student’s major department

Students will work with their minor academic advisor to select courses intentionally and strategically as they align with their interests.

To increase student access and thematic focus, the minor does not have a formal language requirement. However, relevant language proficiency is highly encouraged. Recognizing the linguistic diversity of the region, we recommend the following: 

  • Spanish - 1 unit at the 300-level
  • Portuguese - 1 unit beyond PG 101 or equivalent
  • French - at least elementary level
  • Dutch - at least elementary level
  • one American Indigenous language - at least elementary level
  • one African Indigenous or Creole language - at least elementary level

Courses in the CC study-abroad programs may count toward the minor: CC in Latin America, FSA in Costa Rica (or other relevant site), Summer in Salvador, Brazil, or relevant blocks off-campus.

Transfer credits: Up to two units of credit transferred from outside CC (either from study abroad on a CC-approved partner program, or transfer credit from another school) will be accepted. Students are encouraged to seek out study abroad opportunities to fulfill requirements for the minor.

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