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Applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Journalism Website

Associate Professor STEVEN HAYWARD Visiting Year-Long Professor COREY HUTCHINS

Minor Requirements

Investigation of the connections across disciplines that result in self-critical, intellectually responsible journalism. Five units minimum.

Students must take GS 216 and GS 314 and select three courses from Category Two. 

Category One

GS 216: Introduction to Journalism. 

Category Two

This component addresses critical questions of journalism in relation to ethical and social issues. Three courses from the following:

GS 233: Topics in Journalism (1 unit, but you may count more than one unit when different topics are offered.)

GS 233 Politics, Ethics, and Journalism.

EN 286 Topics in Creative Writing.

FS 218 Documentary Form and Filmmaking. 

Category Three

GS314 or equivalent: Independent Study in Journalism (1 unit). This has two components: a practicum in journalism and integrated project designed to function as a capstone for the student’s work in the minor. The student is responsible for arranging the internship in consultation with the advisor. The student’s work in the practicum will be evaluated by the capstone advisor. The final written project should be designed by the student in consultation with the minor advisor and course instructor(s).

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