Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Journalism Website

Professor STEVEN HAYWARD (Director); Assistant Professor COREY HUTCHINS

Minor Requirements

Investigation of the connections across disciplines that result in self-critical, intellectually responsible journalism. Five units minimum.

Students must take GS 216 and GS 314 and select three courses from Category Two. 

Category One

  • GS 216: Introduction to Journalism. 

Category Two

This component addresses critical questions of journalism in relation to ethical and social issues. Three courses from the following:

  • GS 233 Topics in Journalism (1 unit, but you may count more than one unit when different topics are offered.)
  • GS 233 Politics, Ethics, and Journalism.
  • EN 286 Topics in Creative Writing.
  • FS 218 Documentary Form and Filmmaking. 

Category Three

  • GS314 or equivalent: Independent Study in Journalism (1 unit).
    • This has two components
      • A practicum in journalism. The student is responsible for arranging the internship in consultation with the advisor. The student’s work in the practicum will be evaluated by the capstone advisor.
      • An integrated project designed to function as a capstone for the student's work in the minor. The final written project should be designed by the student in consultation with the minor advisor and course instructor(s).
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