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    Arabic and Islamic Studies

    Applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year.

    Arabic and Islamic Studies Website

    Advisors; WRIGHT, NAJI

    Minor Requirements

    This minor combines the study of the Arabic language with courses on the history, religion, politics, and culture of the Arab and Muslim worlds.


    *Two units of Arabic at the elementary level.

    *Four additional units from among those listed below, including courses from at least two fields or departments.  Other courses may be accepted with consent of advisor.

                Arabic:   AR 201 Intermediate Arabic; AR 320 Topics in Arabic Literature and Culture.   Courses in Arabic taken abroad may also be used to satisfy requirements for this minor.

    Art History:  AH 120 Islamic Art

                History:  HY 200 Search for Islamic Order (FYE); HY261 Formation of Islamic Societies; HY262 The Modern Middle East: Freedoms & Authorities; HY200 Islamic Cities; HY200 History of Arab-Zionist Relations.

                Political Science: PS 313 Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa(MENA) ; PS 314 International Politics of the MENA; PS203 The Search for Islamic Order (FYE)

                Religion: RE 140 Islam; RE 243 Islam in the Americas; RE 345 Dervish Diaries; RE 346 Qur’an

                Feminist and Gender Studies: FG218 The Discourse of the Veil; FG222 Gender and Sexuality in the Modern Middle East and its Diasporas; FG320 Middle Eastern and Islamic Feminist Studies