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Studies in the Humanities

Applicable for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Studies in Humanities

HS101 Aikido

A Japanese martial art based on principles of resolving any form of conflict nonviolently. Physical movements are related to ethical considerations as a student learns to react without harming a partner or being harmed in turn. Maximum of 1/2 unit may be counted towards graduation. (Not offered 2019-20).

.25 unit

HS112 Visual Culture - Theory & Practice

Visual Culture explores the connections between fine art and a wide variety of contemporary images. Course assignments combine visual analysis, readings, and discussion with creative projects. Students will examine different media to explore the following topics: illusion and reality, the ideal, image and text, gender, architecture and public spaces. This course was formerly listed as AS 110 Topics in Studio Art: Visual Culture. (Not offered 2019-20).

1 unit

HS115 Introduction to Film

Film in its formal dimensions, narrative and non-narrative (documentary, experimental). How meaning and pleasure are created visually. Emphasis on film style: the shot, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing (montage) and sound. (Not offered 2019-20).

1 unit

HS118 Gender & Communications

This course investigates the differences and similarities between male and female communication in contemporary American society within the framework of communication and feminist theory from a number of contexts, including interpersonal communication in family contexts and the work environment, public communication about gender in the media, and interpersonal and mediated communication in the education system. (Not offered 2019-20).

1 unit

HS120 Renaissance Culture

Study of the emergence of modern culture through an interdisciplinary course taught by six faculty members. Discussion of the classical and Christian origins of the Renaissance and of the new science and philosophy which set the groundwork for the modern outlook. Disciplines represented are art, history, literature, music, politics and religion. Students may receive separate grades for each block of this course, but must be enrolled in all the blocks in order to receive credit. (Not offered 2019-20).

Prerequisite: First Year Experience Course. Must take both blocks for credit.

1 unit

HS180 Revolution in the Arts

Multidisciplinary study of change in the arts of western civilization through the examination of selected eras of major aesthetic transformation. The course will focus on four media selected from dance, drama, film, literature, music and the visual arts. The study of artistic genres, styles and forms in specific historical contexts will focus on the adaptability of human sensibilities to new aesthetic ideas in the context of accepted artistic traditions. (Not offered 2019-20).

2 units

HS202 Topics in Literature:

Block 1 Rilke. Block 2 Mythology & Media. (Not offered 2019-20).

1 unit

HS215 Film History and Theory NOW FS 315

Film in its material, historical and theoretical dimensions, from its beginnings to the present. Growth of the film industry; the American studio system; European avant-garde cinema; world cinema; auteurism; film and popular culture; problems of genre. Film theory: the nature of the medium; its major theorists - Griffith, Eisenstein, Arnheim, Bazin, Kracauer, Metz, Mulvey, etc. (Not offered 2019-20).

1 to 3 units

HS217 Creating the Self

An exploration of Heinz Kohut's psychoanalytic theory of how selves are developed, how they can be injured and fall into pathologies, and how this theory of the self can be used in the interpretation of culture, especially philosophy, music, and literature. (Not offered 2019-20).

.5 unit

HS218 Psyche and Symbol: The World of C

Psyche, Symbol, Dream: C.G. Jung and Archetypal Psychology. An introduction to the depth psychology of C.G. Jung, including his notions of the structure of the personal and collective unconscious, the function of archetypes and dreams in development and healing, and the transcendent function as it relates to the individuation process. Contemporary advances in Jungian work in such areas as ecopsychology, soul psychology and Jungian feminist thought will also be considered.

1 unit — Dobson

HS230 Discovering the Unconscious

Major psychoanalytic perspectives of the late 19th and 20th centuries on the concept of the unconscious in theory, case studies, and fiction. Emphasis on unconscious processes as they relate to the formation of identity. Readings from such authors as Freud, Jung, Klein, Winnicott, Kohut, and Yalom. (Not offered 2019-20).

1 unit

HS370 Independent Study: Advanced Topics in Psychoanalysis

An exploration of one or two major theorists of the unconscious in relation to philosophy, psychology, literature and/or the arts.

1 unit — Dobson