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Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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Advisor; RADKE

What is Community-Engaged Learning (CEL)?

Community-Engaged Learning is experiential education that simultaneously and equitably promotes student learning and addresses community needs.  This means that students in community-engaged learning courses work with community partners (typically non-profits or government) and communities beyond the campus through classroom projects or experiences. Students learn in ways that enrich the course content, and benefit the public good during and beyond the class.

Currently, community-engaged learning courses are opportunities for students to enrich their classroom learning experience, rather than a requirement of majors, minors, or the general education curriculum.   

Why should students take CEL courses?

√ Enhanced Learning: Engaging, applied projects and experiences deepen students' understanding of the subject matter, cultivates skills such as problem-solving and analysis, and helps students learn the public relevance of academic disciplines. 
√ Personal Development: Students learn about themselves, including their identities, capacities and commitments. 
√ Civic Development: Students learn how to translate knowledge into personal, civic, and social action, and gain insight into their own theories of change.
√ Career Development: CEL courses support students' discernment of their career paths, and students gain relevant skills and professional experience.
√ Social Development: Students build relationships with people beyond the campus and have the opportunity to cultivate social skills and skills of engaging across difference.


The Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) Course Tag

To see upcoming community-engaged learning courses in which you may enroll, log in to Banner and go to "Class Schedule."  Once you have selected a term, you may use the drop-down menu for the "type" of class to search for "community-engaged learning" courses.

You may find more information about CEL classes, including community partners and descriptions of course collaborations, at this community-engaged learning course list on the CCE website. 


Questions? Please email CCE Director, Dr. Jordan Travis Radke, at


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