SP350 - Transatlantic Studies:

This course will explore cultural expression from a comparative focus on the Iberian Peninsula, the Americas and/or Africa. The aim is to move beyond the north-south, east-west divisions and challenge nationalistic narratives and instead privilege a critical, transnational, and comparativist reconstruction of Atlantic archives. Texts, expressive forms, regions and time periods under study will vary depending on instructor. May be repeated once for elective credit with a different instructor and topic. 1 unit. Meets the Equity and Power: EPG requirement.

Prerequisite: Spanish 306.

Degree requirement — Equity and Power: EPG

1 unit — Sanchez Flores


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2024 Block 6 Transatlantic Studies: Indigenous & Black Voices Topic Details Jessica Sanchez Flores TBA 25 / 25 09/28/2023
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