SO411 - Community Based Praxis

A course designed to put sociology into practice for a community, organization, or movement. A praxis course is distinguished by genuine collaboration with community partners and by a process of reflection that incorporates lessons learned in the classroom and application of theoretical understandings to work for social change. Must be arranged at least one block in advance. May be taken for up to 1 unit on any schedule, including as a block course(s), as a year- or semester- long course taken as adjuncts, as a half block with or without additional adjunct blocks or as only adjuncts.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor & Sociology 229.

.5 unit — Murphy-Geiss


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2024 Block H Community Based Praxis Topic Details Gail Murphy-Geiss Palmer Hall 127 25 / 17 12/08/2023
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