SO246 - Sociology of Health and Medicine

Presents a sociological alternative and complement to the bio-medical paradigm and critically examines public health, the healthcare system, and medicine in their larger social, economic, and political milieus. Topics may address the social determinants of health; domestic and global health-related inequities; policy; and health work as a profession. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality requirement. Meets the Critical Learning: SHB requirement. Meets the Equity and Power: EPUS requirement.

Prerequisite: Any 100 level sociology class or consent of instructor.

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: SHB, Critical Perspectives: S, Equity and Power: EPUS

1 unit — Roberts


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2024 Block 8 Sociology of Health and Medicine Wade Roberts TBA 25 / 25 09/24/2023
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