Philosophy & Race

Race is a social construct that invites a number of philosophical questions, such as those of identity, inter-subjectivity, justice, rationality, and culturally different ways of knowing. The course will examine, among others, philosophical reflections on race by the following thinkers: Douglass, West, Fanon, Vasconcelos, Appiah, Bernsaconi, Outlaw, Levinas, Mendieta. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality requirement.

Degree requirement — Critical Perspectives: S

1 unit — Hernandez-Lemus


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2022 Block 5 Philosophy & Race Alberto Hernandez-Lemus El Pomar Sports Center TERRACE 25 / 11 07/03/2022
Fall 2022 Block 1 Philosophy & Race Alberto Hernandez-Lemus TBA 25 / 15 07/03/2022
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