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Feminist Psychology of Embodiment

In this course, we will be applying a feminist psychological science lens to the study of the body and the self, asking how is gender embodied and how are bodies gendered? We will pay special attention to examining the ways in which the body is always experienced and evaluated within contexts of power, and will focus particularly on how women’s bodies are disproportionately targeted for objectification, commodification, medicalization and exploitation. In addition to readings, we will be interrogating and curating works of art to explore how embodiment is integral to aesthetic experience, can serve to undermine the objectifying gaze, and hence may provide a foundation for feminist political resistance. Meets the Critical Learning: CP requirement.

Prerequisite: No credit if previously taken as CC First Year Foundations 100.

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: CP

1 unit — Roberts


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2022 Block 8 Feminist Psychology of Embodiment Tomi-Ann Roberts TBA 25 / 3 12/07/2021
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