Realism and Idealism: the Challenge of Machiavelli

If we claim the mantle of “change,” we would be irresponsible to do so without developing a rigorous and critical understanding both of the true character of our aspirations to justice and peace, as well as of the manner by, and the degree to which they can be made effectual. With these twin goals in mind, we will engage with the intrepid thought of the notorious Niccolò Machiavelli. Through an attentive reading of some of Machiavelli’s meticulously written works, we will reflect on his daring venture to lay the philosophical foundations of a thoroughly amoral yet humane modern politics. We will then consider how some of his ancient predecessors whom he attacked would, and how some of his early modern critics did, respond to the challenge his thought poses. 1 unit

1 unit — Grace


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Spring 2023 Block 7 Realism and Idealism: the Challenge of Machiavelli Eve Grace Palmer Hall 13 25 / 19 02/06/2023
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