United States Politics and Government

The structure and process of United States national politics and government. Special attention to the ideas and values, institutions, and political processes that shape contemporary public policies in this country. 1 unit.

1 unit — Coggins, Derdzinski, Edlin, Wolfe

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PS200 explores fundamental concepts, debates, and questions in U.S. politics, with the primary goal of understanding “who gets what, when, how, and why.” We will explore the foundations of U.S. democracy, institutions of U.S. government, and concepts in democratic politics, such topics as public opinion, ideology, and the media.
illustration of the Capitol Building
Political Science has been called the study of “who gets what, when, how, and why?” or “Who governs? who benefits?” for short.
Photo of the Capitol in Washington DC
The basic approach of the course follows Founding Father James Madison, who said faction [conflict] is “sown into the nature of man.” This course presents different, disagreeing, maybe disagreeable to you and sometimes mutually contradictory accounts of American politics. Your tasks are first to understand each and every account, and then to decide how much truth, usefulness, and elegance each account has, and finally to begin to put them together to form your own answers to “Who governs? Who benefits?”.


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 2 United States Politics and Government Dana Wolfe Palmer Hall 25A 25 / 0 02/06/2023
Fall 2022 Block 3 United States Politics and Government Joe Derdzinski Palmer Hall 227 25 / 10 02/06/2023
Spring 2023 Block 5 United States Politics and Government Doug Edlin Palmer Hall 225 25 / 2 02/06/2023
Spring 2023 Block 7 United States Politics and Government Elizabeth Coggins Palmer Hall 17 25 / 0 02/06/2023
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