Philosophy & Psychoanalysis

An exploration of what the discovery of unconscious mental functioning means in relation to philosophical problems in ethics, philosophical psychology, social theory, and theory of meaning. The course is grounded in the work of Freud and may include such post-Freudians as Lacan, Cixous, Winnicott, Klein, and Kohut. Meets the Critical Learning: AIM requirement. Meets the Critical Learning: SHB requirement.

Prerequisite: One unit in Philosophy or Consent of Instructor.

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: AIM, Critical Learning: SHB

1 unit — Riker

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PH360 explores how our unconscious dynamics come into play in sexuality, the construction of the self, and what constitutes psychological health. We examine Freud’s invention of psychoanalysis, self psychology, intersubjectivity, the implications of a psychoanalytic understanding of human nature for ethics, and more.


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2023 Block 5 Philosophy & Psychoanalysis John Riker Armstrong Hall 259B 18 / 6 05/29/2023
Fall 2023 Block 1 Philosophy & Psychoanalysis John Riker TBA 18 / 1 05/29/2023
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