MB425 - Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer

In his 1966 Nobel lecture, Peyton Rous described cancer as follows: “Tumours destroy man in a unique and appalling way, as flesh of his own flesh which has somehow been rendered proliferative, rampant, predatory, and ungovernable. They are the most concrete and formidable of human maladies, yet despite more than 70 years of experiment study they remain the least understood.” It goes almost without saying that we’ve come a long way in our understanding since 1966. This course will examine the molecular and cellular hallmarks of cancer. In addition to the discussion of seminal and recent primary research articles, this course will include mini-lectures, a writing assignment, and student presentations or a creative project. Lecture/Discussion. (Not offered 2024-25).

Prerequisite: any 300-level course in Molecular Biology or Consent of Instructor.

1 unit

No offerings are currently scheduled.

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