MA218 - Analysis of Environmental Data

This course will focus on the fundamentals of exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, and experimental design in the ecological, environmental, and the earth sciences. Topics will include theory and practice of project design, data distribution and description, the central limit theorem, characterization of uncertainty, correlation, univariate hypothesis testing, and multivariate analyses (ANOVA, linear regression). Students will complete a final project using environmental data collected in the field and analyzed using statistical computer software. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Scientific Investigation of the Natural World requirement. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Quantitative Reasoning requirement. (Not offered 2024-25).

Prerequisite: Mathematics 126 or 125 or 127 or HS equivalent (Calculus I).

Degree requirement — Critical Perspectives: I, Critical Perspectives: Q

1 unit

No offerings are currently scheduled.

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