Dreamworlds and Nightmares in the Soviet Union

Born amidst the crucible of the First World War, the Soviet Union sought to realize a progressive, socialist vision, a utopia on earth in which all people would be equal, nature would be conquered, and society would be freed from the destructive dynamics of capitalism. From the outset, however, the implementation of these utopian blueprints was coupled with astonishing acts of violence โ€“ the dreamworlds of socialism were constantly shadowed by their opposite. Taking seriously both the utopian and the dystopian aspects of the soviet experiment, this course traces the violent emergence, the piecemeal realization, and the protracted decline of the Soviet Union. Relying heavily on literature, art, and film from the era, the course takes an explicitly cultural historical approach to soviet history. Meets the Critical Learning: AIM requirement. Meets the Critical Learning: HP requirement.

Degree requirement โ€” Critical Learning: AIM, Critical Learning: HP

1 unit โ€” Smith


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 4 Dreamworlds and Nightmares in the Soviet Union Jake Smith Palmer Hall 223 25 / 0 06/01/2023
Fall 2023 Block 1 Dreamworlds and Nightmares in the Soviet Union Jake Smith TBA 25 / 0 06/01/2023
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