Psyche and Symbol: The World of C

Psyche, Symbol, Dream: C.G. Jung and Archetypal Psychology. An introduction to the depth psychology of C.G. Jung, including his notions of the structure of the personal and collective unconscious, the function of archetypes and dreams in development and healing, and the transcendent function as it relates to the individuation process. Contemporary advances in Jungian work in such areas as ecopsychology, soul psychology and Jungian feminist thought will also be considered. Meets the Critical Learning: AIM requirement. (Not offered 2023-24).

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: AIM

.5 or 1 unit


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 3 Psyche, Symbol, Dream: C.J. Jung and Archetypal Psychology Topic Details Marcia Dobson Armstrong Hall 259A 25 / 1 06/07/2023
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