GS105 - The Power of Data and Models

The ability to use data and basic algebraic models (economic, biological, physical) gives you tools to investigate more deeply key concepts in a variety of disciplines. This adjunct course is designed to help students improve their skills in college algebra and precalculus skills in a context of investigating datasets and basic models. More broadly, a course goal is to help students be more successful in rigorous, gateway or required courses to majoring in math, science, and economics at Colorado College. Parts of the adjunct will involve teamwork with data and models, while other segments will be tailored to the individual’s progress in ALEKS (Assessment in LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) learning modules. 0.25 unit.

Prerequisite: Offered Pass/Fail Only.

.25 unit — Getty


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2023 Block 3 The Power of Data and Models Steve Getty See Prof. 003 25 / 18 06/12/2024
Fall 2024 Block 3 The Power of Data and Models Steve Getty TBA 25 / 23 06/12/2024
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