Feminist Theology

Womanist theology is talk about God that concentrates on the religious experience of African-American women. Alice Walker's term, womanist, refers to a black feminist who transmits the wisdom of black women's cultural heritage and is concerned with issues of both racism and sexism. As theologian Karen Baker-Fletcher describes the problem, 'little attention has been given to women's nature in Euro-centric ontologies, and black women have been excluded most of all. ' If humankind has been conceived as 'man' to the exclusion of women, 'woman' has been conceived as white women to the exclusion of women of African descent. What it means to be black and female is an ontological questions: what does it mean to be human in relation to God and the world when one is black and female? This course will explore the question from historical, contemporary, ministerial, and personal perspectives as a way of understanding black women and their religious development. (Not offered 2022-23).

1 unit

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