Culturally Sustaining Teaching and Disciplinary Literacy Methods

This course builds on educational psychology applied to teaching. Students will analyze culturally sustaining teachers' dispositions, knowledge, and skills. Centered on the educational needs of K-12 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) learners, students will understand learners as cultural, ethnic, and linguistic beings with unique personal histories. We will analyze how knowledge of student biographies, English Language Acquisition, and the Science of Reading intersect to foster equitable, inclusive, and liberatory learning environments. We will explore disciplinary methods to build an understanding of content area practices that can promote K-12 student language, literacy, knowledge, and skills. Finally, students will apply course content in a K-12 practicum where they plan and deliver culturally sustaining and disciplinary literacy strategies to teach to and through learners' cultural and linguistic frameworks. This course requires a 30-hour practicum.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor & Education 101 or Education 102, Education 260, Education 311 or Master of Arts in Teaching Candidate.

1 unit — Valtierra


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2023 Block 8 Culturally Sustaining Teaching and Disciplinary Literacy Methods Tina Valtierra Palmer Hall 232B 25 / 7 05/31/2023
Spring 2024 Block 6 Culturally Sustaining Teaching and Disciplinary Literacy Methods Topic Details Tina Valtierra TBA 25 / 25 05/31/2023
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