Data Driven Instruction for Diverse Learners in the 21st Century

This course will examine a range of K-12 student assessments from formative to summative assessments as well as interpreting information provided by standardized tests. Monitoring student progress and adjusting instruction based on a variety of well-designed assessments are essential skills for all teachers. Additionally, this course will provide an overview of the laws and protections for students eligible for special educations services in public school settings. Topics include special education law, eligibility, ensuring an appropriate IEP, least restrictive environment, discipline, and fostering positive family-school relationships. Then, we will explore a variety of instructional technology tools (e.g., SMART Board; interactive whiteboard; iPad; Kahoot; PollEverywhere; Quizlet; Brain Pop, etc.) to increase student motivation, decrease off-task challenging behaviors, and collect student data (e.g., screen capture; Class DoJo, etc.).

Prerequisite: Education 478 and Teacher Licensure Only.

1 unit — Coomer


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 4 Data Driven Instruction for Nickie Coomer Mierow House 102 25 / 18 05/29/2023
Fall 2023 Block 3 Data Driven Instruction for Nickie Coomer TBA 25 / 23 05/29/2023
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