Critical Perspectives on the US Education System: 19th Century - Present

An introduction to the theories foundational to the practice of educating youth from 1800 U.S. to present. The course explores cognitive, metacognitive, dispositional, pedagogical and mastery learning theories. Students participate in a daily practicum in local schools working with specialists in their fields of interest (K-12), where they apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. Attention is given to challenges in contemporary education including culturally relevant education. (Not offered 2022-23).

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In Framework for American Education, students learn about the development of the American educational system through their studies of the political and social progression.
 Framework for American Education
The Framework for American Education course is designed to help students understand the multitude of fields education spans and to explore those multiple spheres. Students will come to understand the political and social progression of the American educational system and identify how educational and developmental principles are the foundation for learning. Students are expected to conduct literary analysis in order to draw conclusions, and apply those conclusions to educational issues in order to improve reasoning skills throughout the course. As might be rendered already, this class is a Writing Intensive course.
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