Literature, Power and Identities:

An examination of literature as a venue for explorations of power and identities, particularly of how identities are constructed as well as of how literary texts (re)present and can work to deconstruct identities. Emphasis on close reading of texts as well as on critical analysis and writing. 1 unit. Meets the Critical Learning: AIM requirement. Meets the Equity and Power: EPG requirement.

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: AIM, Equity and Power: EPG

1 unit — Davis, Scheiner


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 3 Literature, Power and Identities: Marginalized Identities Topic Details Corinne Scheiner Armstrong Hall 257A 25 / 1 06/02/2023
Spring 2023 Block 6 Literature, Power and Identities: Identity and Power in the Mediterranean World Topic Details William Davis Armstrong Hall 259A 25 / 1 06/02/2023
Fall 2023 Block 4 Literature, Power, & Identities: At the Margins of European Identity Topic Details William Davis TBA 25 / 17 06/02/2023
Spring 2024 Block 5 Literature, Power and Identities: Intertexts: Who Tells the Story? Topic Details Corinne Scheiner TBA 25 / 25 06/02/2023
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