Introduction to Chemical Research

An introduction to research design and mentored use of scientific equipment. Students will complete lab safety and ethics training. Disciplinary-based literature research and interpretation will be emphasized as part of the research process. Students will maintain a laboratory notebook or appropriate data records, analyze and interpret data, and produce a final scientific report. 1 unit

Prerequisite: consent of instructor & Chemistry & Biochemistry 107, Chemistry & Biochemistry 108.

1 unit — Daugherty


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2023 Block 5 Introduction to Chemical Research: Investigation of Potential LLPS in Human TBP Margaret Daugherty TBA 3 / 2 06/02/2023
Spring 2023 Block 7 Introduction to Chemical Research Murphy Brasuel Barnes Science Center 412 3 / -2 06/02/2023
Spring 2024 Block 6 Introduction to Chemical Research Margaret Daugherty TBA 3 / 3 06/02/2023
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