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Topics in Business

Selected topics, with content and emphasis developed by the instructor. Prerequisite: Economics 100 or Economics 101 and Economics 102 and Business 205

Prerequisite: -EC100 or -EC101 and -EC102 and -BU205.

1 unit — Allon, Eiswerth, Reveley

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Leadership is an art and a science. BU325 teaches both the theory and practice of leadership. First, we focus on personal leadership, as one cannot lead others if one cannot lead oneself. We will then engage with successful leaders who will share their experience from the perspective of disparate organizational functions.
The final two capstone speakers are both accomplished leaders at the C-level. Along the way, students will research and reflect upon a leader they admire, and then create their Personal Leadership Manifesto as a blueprint for their future development as a professional and as a leader.


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2021 Block 3 Topics in Business: Business, Law and Social Environment Topic Details Dawn Reveley Palmer Hall 219 25 / 14 11/26/2021
Spring 2022 Block 5 Topics in Business: Liquidity and Financial Crisis Topic Details Sue Allon TBA 25 / 25 11/26/2021
Spring 2022 Block 6 Topics in Business: Public Advocacy Topic Details TBA 25 / 25 11/26/2021
Spring 2022 Block 8 Topics in Business: Energy Policy and Economics Topic Details Mark Eiswerth TBA 25 / 25 11/26/2021
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