Population Genetics

Classical genetics as it applies to understanding the evolution of populations. This course examines the following topics: genetic issues of small and isolated populations, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, factors affecting allele frequencies, variance and F-statistics, molecular methods, and quantitative genetics. This course also includes discussions of contemporary issues in applied population genetics and laboratory investigations.

Prerequisite: Molecular Biology 131, Organismal Biology and Ecology 208, and Chemistry 108; or consent of instructor.

1 unit — Heschel


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2022 Block 3 Population Genetics Shane Heschel Barnes Science Center 116 24 / 3 06/05/2023
Fall 2023 Block 3 Population Genetics Shane Heschel TBA 24 / 7 06/05/2023
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