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Board of Trustees

June 2014 Trustee Update

During this year's annual Board of Trustees meeting, the trustees participated in four primary sessions: (1) An Overview of the Academic Program; (2) Tutt Library Renovation - Results of the Programming Phase; (3) Colorado College's Competitive Position; and (4) Funding the Colorado College Campaign. 

While meeting, the trustees also approved several items: 

  • A new sexual harassment and misconduct policy. (This new policy combines three formerly separate policies: (1) Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Sexual Violence; (2) Anti-Discrimination; and (3) Notice of Non-Discrimination.)
  • Changes to the Faculty Handbook pertaining to the FEC Restructure Proposal: Personnel Councils, as presented and approved at the Block 8 Faculty Meeting.  
  • Use of college funds which had been placed temporarily into the endowment, referred to as the "quasi-endowment," to help to fund the Colorado College Campaign. 

The next trustee meeting will be in November 2014. 

Eben S. Moulton

Eben S. Moulton '68, Chair
Cambridge, MA

Philip A. Swan

Philip A. Swan '84, Vice-Chair
Pasadena, CA

Susan S. Burghart

Susan S. Burghart '77, Secretary
Colorado Springs, CO

Board Members:

Acquisto, Kalen J. ’13: Colorado Springs, CO
Allon, Margaret S. ’81: Denver, CO
Baer, Neal A. ’78:Los Angeles, CA
Campbell, William J. ’67: Englewood, CO
Carroll, Heather L. ’89: Colorado Springs, CO
Chalik, John P. ’67: Piedmont, CA
Cheney, Lynne V. ’63: Washington, DC
Cooper, Daniel J. ’66: Buena Vista, CO
Harris, Alan W. ’77: Dallas, TX
Mamet, Elliot J. ’15: Denver, CO
Manning, Robert ’69: Denver, CO
Martinez, Manuel L. ’74: Denver, CO
Pope, Karen R. ’70: Austin, TX
Press, Adam F. ’84: Los Angeles, CA
Rawlings, Jane L. ’70: Pueblo, CO
Rosendo, Antonio F.  ’02: Colorado Springs, CO
Ross, Robert J.:Oklahoma City, OK
Schluter, Christine ’65: Sanibel, FL
Selig, Robert ’61:Woodside, CA
Skilling, David van Diest ’55: Palm Desert, CA
Slade, Michael B. ’79: Seattle, WA
St John, Marc ’80: Chobham Surrey, ENGLAND
Stenovec, Andy ’85: Orinda, CA
Thomson, Brian K. ’85: Denver, CO
Tiefenthaler, Jill: Colorado Springs, CO
Tutt Jr., Thayer R.:  Colorado Springs, CO
Wilbur, Colburn: Los Altos, CA
Williamson, Brian E. ’96: Wilmington, DE
Wold, John P. ’75:Denver, CO
Woodrow, Nancy ’68:  Scottsdale, AZ

Life Trustees

Hybl, William '64: Colorado Springs, CO
Lampton, David M.
: Washington, DC
Norberg, Douglas '62: Seattle, WA
Price, Harold: Laguna Beach, CA
Woolsey, Suzanne: Harwood, MD 

Honorary Trustee

Salazar, Kenneth: Denver, CO

Emeritus Trustees

Duncan, Susan Schlessman ’52: Lakewood, CO
Edborg, Catherine Maytag ’85:  Colorado Springs, CO
McHugh, Jerome:  Denver, CO
Schlosser, Nancy ’49:  Santa Barbara, CA
Ward, William ’64:  Castle Rock, CO


Updated May 22, 2014

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