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The Wellness Resource Center works to create an environment which nurtures the development of the whole person and empowers individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices.  In our work in the Wellness Resource Center, we focus on the connections and intersections between different domains of wellness:  Intellectual, Socio-cultureal, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Environmental and Career/Financial.  We work to coordinate and integrate campus-wide efforts to promote health and prevent health problems.

Strategic Plan

The Wellness Resource Center just completed a lengthy strategic planning process in which we identified three key priorities for the next 3-5 years.  

  • Intentional Focus on Community Wellness and Engagement.  
    We recognize that a healthy, engaged and inclusive community is integral to individual wellness.  We will therefore work to help develop a community of people with shared values and commitment to look out for one another and hold one another accountable.  As noted in the Colorado College Strategic plan, “peers are an integral part of each student’s experience” across all aspects of the educational environment.  We will harness the power of peer interactions by engaging students in shaping and promoting a campus culture that looks out for one another with integrity and compassion, and encourages healthy, responsible individual choices. 
    Key initiatives within this goal are: an expansion of our BADASS Active Bystander Intervention Program, and the development of a Peer Mentor/Health Educator Program.  
  • Articulate and Promote a Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Model.  
    In a world that often leaves us feeling fragmented, our students clearly express a desire to live a more integrated life.   We will therefore provide leadership to integrate and coordinate campus health and wellness initiatives within the broad framework of a holistic, multi-dimensional model.  
    Key initiatives within this goal are: to serve as a central point of information and referral and connect wellness-related programs and events to a holistic model, to identify and assess health trends and priorities, and to provide leadership on campus health and wellness initiatives. 
  • Proactively Reduce Risk Factors for Harm and Promote Health and Wellness 
    We must develop our strategies for tackling health and safety issues by addressing all levels of the campus environment.  We will therefore focus on developing strategies to reduce harm and capitalize on individual and community protective factors and strengths through integrated prevention efforts across different public health areas. 
    Key initiatives within this goal are: to expand our already strong violence prevention efforts, expand and improve our substance abuse prevention efforts, expand and improve mental health promotion, and develop and support programs for teaching practical knowledge and skills like managing personal finances and health/medical literacy.

Online Resources

Student Health 101 is an on-line health and wellness magazine available to all Colorado College Students.  

ULifeline image

ULifeline offers students a mental health screening tool, information about mental health issues geared towards you, and resources for learning more and getting help.